What Does RHP Mean In Softball?

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If you’re new to softball or just starting to get into the sport, you may have heard the term “RHP” thrown around and not quite understood what it means. In softball, RHP stands for “right-handed pitcher.” This designation is used to describe the orientation of a pitcher’s dominant hand and arm, and it has a significant impact on how they throw the ball and what types of pitches they can throw. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what it means to be a right-handed pitcher in softball and how this can affect a player’s performance on the field.


What Is The Role Of The RHP In Softball?

The role of the right-handed pitcher (RHP) in softball is to deliver the pitch to the batter from the pitcher’s mound. This involves positioning themselves on the mound, taking a deep breath, and throwing the ball toward home plate with a lot of power and accuracy. The RHP must also have good control of their pitches, as they will be responsible for getting batters out and helping their team win the game. In addition to their primary role as a pitcher, the RHP may also be asked to play other positions on the field, such as first base or third base, depending on the team’s needs. Overall, the RHP is a crucial player on the softball team, responsible for much of the team’s success or failure.


What Are The Advantages Of Being An RHP In Softball?

There are several advantages to being a right-handed pitcher (RHP) in softball:

  1. Better control: Right-handed pitchers have a natural advantage in terms of control and accuracy when throwing to the left side of the plate. This allows them to locate pitches better and get more batters out.
  2. Better deception: Right-handed pitchers can also use their delivery to deceive batters by hiding the ball behind their body or using a variety of pitches that break in different directions.
  3. Better fastball: Right-handed pitchers generally throw harder fastballs than left-handed pitchers, making it more difficult for batters to hit.
  4. More opportunities: There are typically more right-handed pitchers in the game, so there are more opportunities for righties to pitch and be successful.
  5. Easier to field: Right-handed pitchers are also in a better position to field bunts or ground balls hit back to them, as they are closer to first base and can make quicker throws.
  6. More versatile: Right-handed pitchers can also throw to the right side of the plate more effectively, making them more versatile in terms of their pitch location and movement.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Being An RHP In Softball?

There are several disadvantages of being an RHP (right-handed pitcher) in softball:

  1. Limited angles: As an RHP, you are restricted to throwing from a specific angle, which can make it easier for batters to predict your pitches. This can lead to more hits and runs scored against you.
  2. Fewer breaking balls: RHP’s typically have a harder time throwing breaking balls, such as curveballs and sliders, compared to LHP’s. This can make it harder to fool batters and get them out.
  3. Tendency to throw straight: As an RHP, you may tend to throw more straight pitches, which can make it easier for batters to hit. LHP’s have the advantage of throwing from a different angle, making it harder for batters to see the ball and anticipate its trajectory.
  4. Higher workload: As an RHP, you may be expected to pitch more often, as there are typically fewer RHP’s on a team compared to LHP’s. This can lead to a higher workload and potentially more injuries.
  5. Stereotyping: Some coaches and scouts may view RHP’s as less skilled or less valuable than LHP’s, leading to fewer opportunities or less playing time.

Overall, while there are certainly benefits to being an RHP in softball, there are also several challenges and disadvantages that can impact a pitcher’s performance and career.



In conclusion, RHP in softball refers to a right-handed pitcher, who pitches the ball to the opposing team from the pitcher’s mound. This position is a crucial part of the game and requires a combination of skill, strategy, and athleticism to be successful. Understanding what RHP means in softball is important for players, coaches, and fans alike, as it helps to understand the different roles and responsibilities of players on the field and the strategies that teams use to win games.

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