How To Slap Hit In Softball?

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The key thing you should concentrate on when learning how to slap hit is becoming and feeling athletic. Therefore, you should start in your stance with your knees bent, your body balanced, and your feet lightly planted.


  • The crossover is the first thing you should do. You’ll frequently witness girls going to slap, slide, and then leave. Your momentum is already tilting forward when you do it. Additionally, as a slapper, you will encounter superior pitching as you age. pitchers who have the ability to alter the speed of their pitches. better-locating pitchers in the circle. You won’t be able to respond to those pitches quickly if you’re constantly losing momentum. Consider performing a very basic and slight crossover with your rear foot instead of sliding.


  • As your rear foot crosses over, make sure your front elbow is “loading” as well. You’ll be able to swing if you need to. If you don’t correctly load your hands in time, you’ll probably find that your hands are dragging across the zone, which will cause you to be late or entirely miss the ball. Before your next at-bat, you should practice this skill while in the on-deck circle.


  • Next, keep in mind to be athletic and to constantly position your chest so that it faces the ball. A slapper will typically pull their chest, which is their worst error. When you’re attempting to run toward first base, it’s pretty simple to do. However, if you approach the first base too quickly, your chest will pull away from the plate. You won’t be able to hit the outside pitch as a result, which will cause the ball to bubble up or be pulled toward first base. And as a slapper, you want to aim for the five- or six-hole target (between SS and 3B) Your eyes will be able to follow the ball all the way to the plate if you can maintain control of your upper body and keep your chest square to the incoming pitch. We all know that you cannot hit something that you cannot see.


  • Make sure to simplify it. Many people mistakenly believe that slapping is as simple as sprinting, tapping, and going, but before you can actually go to first base, you really need to make sure you’re exploding through the ball.


Why Do You Want To Slap Hit?

A solid slapper gives you alternatives and enables you to apply pressure to the defense in a variety of circumstances. Slap smacking is, to put it simply, very tactical.

Good slappers have a variety of strategies at their disposal that they may use regardless of how close or far the defense is playing.

It takes more than just knowing how to drag bunt, hard slap, and gentle slap.

An intellectual game, slapping. Whether it’s advancing baserunners or applying pressure to the defense, keep your goal in mind. Visualizing your approach will make your slap striking more effective.


What Are Some Slap-Hitting Drills?

You can have your players practice a variety of workouts to help them become proficient in slap-hitting.

In the first exercise, players hit off a tee to simulate the stance and swing of slapping the ball.


  • Slapping Someone with a Tee

A ball, a tee, a bat, and either a catch net or an open field are all you need for this exercise.

This exercise is designed to help you develop a sense of how your body should be positioned when slapping. Additionally, a player will learn the ideal hand route and contact areas for hitting the ball in a specific direction.

The batter should start by crossing her feet. The tee should be shifted from the outside of the plate to the center, then inside. The batter should get some experience hitting the ball to various fields. She should also work on hitting bouncy balls as well as line drives.

The hitter should gain an understanding of how and where to hit the ball to direct it in a specific direction throughout the course of this practice.

She would need to strike the ball in the middle, for a line drive, as opposed to the top half, which would cause the ball to bounce.


  • Timing Drill

You will need a bat, balls, pitching screen, and home plate for this exercise.

This exercise is meant to help you comprehend and refine the timing and footwork needed for slap striking.

A coach will be behind the pitching screen and will softly toss balls to the batter when she starts out with her feet crossed (ready to slap hit).

As the ball is softly thrown, the hitter will begin to move toward the pitcher. The hitter will be told where to hit the ball and whether to hit a line drive or a bouncer by the coach.

The hitter shouldn’t run outside the batter’s box or step on the plate, thus the coach should watch to make sure the batter advances straight.


How To Improve Your Slap-Hitting Skill?

When practicing your technique or going through your slap-hitting routines, have the following additional basic considerations in mind.

Never try to hit the ball when it is still out in front of the plate; let it come toward you. For this, the first footwork exercise is ideal.

You won’t get a nice slap if you don’t learn to control your swing rather than allowing it to control you. Utilize the third exercise to hone your swing control.

Always consider covering more ground when using your feet. By moving in the direction of the pitcher, you gain momentum and can sprint toward first base.

Don’t allow yourself to go too far back when you take your initial stride with your front foot.

Get your foot as close to the front of the batter’s box as you can while pointing left field or third base during your crossover step. Keep your shoulders aligned toward home plate even when your foot is pointed toward third.



The finest action you can take to emulate Natasha Watley’s all-star slap-hitting ability? Exercise, exercise, exercise! Every day, go through your drills while looking for ways to get better.

You may improve your slap hitting with the right mindset, the appropriate tactics, and some hard practice.

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